League of Legends Riot Points


Want to unlock that champion, skin, or rune page? Want more Riot Points? Do it the easy way and earn RIOT points in League of Legends quickly. This is not a hack, or a scam. You do not need to enter account info or download a program to generate a code cause all of that is FAKE!
The best way to earn riot points is to use the site Prize Rebel <--- Click Here.

I will show you quick easy steps below. This will only take a couple of minutes.

1. Sign up as shown in the picture below, make sure to use real information so that you can receive money/riot points correctly for LOL.
Sign Up

2. Once you Log in you should see the next page:

You can get started right away, simply choose one of the options there and start filling out surveys. 

You can select prizes here, as you can see there are a couple of different LOL RIOT point cards to choose from.


Now that you're registered and ready to earn some points read my post below to find out my fastest technique.

How to Earn Point FAST on PrizeRebel

So now that you're signed up for PrizeRebel I'll show you some secrets/tips I use to earn cash/RP/points faster.
The fastest way to make points is by downloading games on prizerebel, unfortunately these games often contain spyware and junk up your computer. But there is a way to instantly remove and limit these programs!

A tool named sandboxie "boxes" in your browser so no files can escape, it also allows you to instantly delete software after you're done!

1. Click here to download and install sandboxie.
SandBoxie Download

Once sandboxie is installed you can double click the desktop icon to run it. It will open up a browser window and your now good to go!

2. Start Downloading, click the picture below to see easy steps.

3.Once you have downloaded and want to delete the files follow these steps.

5.Right click on sandboxie icon as shown above, click "default box" then click "delete contents" your screen should look like this:
6.Delete all contents and you have now earned EASY points without doing any low point surveys! Now repeat!